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We have a clear understanding of, and are committed to the ethics of security. The client’s sovereignty is protected at all times, because of this.

Organisational efforts and strategies are geared toward satisfying the needs and demands of our customers - who delegate the protection, guarding and up-keep of their rights and interests to us.

We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to deliver high quality services.

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Stationing guards on duty to secure access control and screen vehicles entering a restricted area.

This can be escalated to limit access to sensitive areas so that, for example, only specific individuals requiring direct access would be able to go to those areas.

Guards are trained in health and safety and First Aid, customer relations, fire prevention and any other specific job functions before being deployed.

All Enlightened Security officers are trained in response techniques and First Aid.

They commandeer the dedicated vehicles allocated to each community, which respond to your alarm or panic signal.

We employ the latest advanced Global Positioning Systems cellular and mapping technology, from the control room at Enlightened Security’s Head Office.

The tracking unit allows for interactive vehicle function, asset information, observer functions, monitoring functions, advanced administration functions, on point reporting, remote command messages and reactive communication channels.

Our control room operators are subject to intense training and have clocked thousands of hours of experience, to ensure proficiency in the workings of these complex systems.

• Access and egress control (by card technology)
• Dallas Chip Touch tags
• Vehicle barriers
• Turnstiles
• Surveillance equipment
• Electronic locking for most applications
• Security fencing

• Armed reaction, Cash In Transit, vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring systems
• Personnel monitoring
• Fire detection and protection
• Emergency / disaster planning
• Telecommunications
• IT networking and software development

A preferred and selected supplier of security services to the Airports Company of South Africa, Seamless integration of Baggage Screening, Aircraft and Car Park Guarding, Firearms and Valuables handling, Document Verification and Passport/Visas security.

A 24 hour control centre at the head office in Johannesburg forms the strategic nucleus for coordination of field operations. We are shortly to provide remote site audio and video surveillance.

Our control room is equipped with the latest equipment to ensure ongoing customer support

Once a problem, lead or clue has been identified by the client, an investigation begins.

The aim of an investigation is to confirm or supplement the original allegation, by the systematic collection of information, from various accessible sources concerning the suspected person, group or installation. This is often performed through extra legal executive actions.

Surveillance is a form of investigative activity, which consists of keeping under physical observation, a person, place or object to obtain information, which can lead to the prevention of a crime being committed.

We also provide the service of investigating future or potential business relationships you and/or your company might consider entering into. Through proper investigation and feedback, you can ensure no fraudulent deals and/or money exchanges have been or are performed, by your new business associates.

Enlightened Security also serves to protect you from espionage and/or modern bugging equipment in the business environment.

Enlightened Security provides asset management and Cash In Transit services.

We have acquired brand new vehicles, specifically designed for Enlightened Security. Our state-of-the-art vehicles have been equipped with the latest technology available to counteract the attempts of perpetrators, featuring trap doors which once the money has been deposited our security guards will be unable to open until drop off as per clients specifications.

With the above we have highly trained and competent Security Guards, who have been through extensive training to equip them with the skills required to protect the clients’ cash.

Our secured CIT services offers:

• Professional risk assessment of your premises
• Reduced risk to customers and staff at the time of service
• Highly trained and professional teams
• Best-of-breed vehicles and technology
• Best insurance cover for cash-in-transit
• Currency authentication training

• Domestic investigations. • Corporate investigations. • Cash in transit (CIT) robbery investigation. • Polygraph testing. • Accident scene investigations. • Criminal investigations. • Mine incidents investigations. • Copper theft investigations. • Fraud investigations. • Corruption investigation. • Missing person's investigations. • Drug investigations.

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